As  the  ups and downs of in the economy  increase,  so does the stress on married people to deal with the  inevitable pressure points that develop in the relationship.

Couples now have to deal with financial problems that are new to their relationship.

  • How to pay the bills if both of you are unemployed?
  • How to cope with the primary bread winner working less, or not at all
  • What if your spouse is spending more time at home?
  • How to accept a change in who is the primary earner in the marriage? (Wives making more than husbands is a fast growing trend because more men are being laid off than women).
  • How to live with the threat, or the reality, of being forced to move due to a mortgage foreclosure or rental eviction?
  • How to handle the added tension when grown children move back into the home due to their being laid off or not finding a job?

Dealing with these financial realities in an adversarial process doesn’t help anyone in the long run.   Working in a mediation or collaborative setting can help both spouses and families work through options and solutions that may ease these financial realities and help everyone transition to a secure future.


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