With hot summer days, the malls are a cool place to beat the summer heat.

Summer time means summer sales are on in full swing.  With the economy as it is, the discounts stores offer are deep and tempting.  As much as you may try and stick to a budget, it’s hard to do when the 70% sales signs are calling. Say good bye to budgeting as we can always rationalize a “great bargain”.

Budgeting is never fun. Implementing an annual budget and breaking it down by month and even by week and then day by day is challenging and take lots of discipline. Temptation is great with the deals stores have going on. Stay strong.

Put away the credit cards when you head to the mall. Just say “no” to spending more. Treat yourself to a gelato or iced coffee to keep your financial cool.


* image from FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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