19 Jul New Divorce Laws in Ontario

Starting Monday July 18th, every Ontario couple hoping to end their marriage will have to attend an information session on alternatives to going to court before getting a divorce. This law comes much too late in the process. How will getting information about mediation help when couples have already started down the path to court and are  probably not speaking to each other amicably?

Studies show that couples who actively participate in settling their divorce is the single most important factor in getting a good outcome.

You should understand that couples  can take control over their separation rather than getting involved in the court process when they are first considering separation. They have  do have the option of working on a settlement on their own.  They can refer to various professionals as needed to deal with issues specific to their situation, whether that be financial, legal or emotional. You need to know all of this while they are still talking to each other . 

I know all couples can’t do this but I know there are couples that really do want to work together in a cost efficient way to organize their lives in the future. I, along with family mediator, Marion Korn, have created Mutual Solutions to work with these couples , working with them in whatever process that suits them best as an alternative to costly  litigation and court.